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Explaining History
Fifteen minutes of 20th Century History for students and enthusiasts.
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September 2015 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Sep 28, 2015
  • Goebbels and Total War
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  • In February 1943, after one of the longest coldest winters of the war, the news that the German 6th Army had been lost at Stalingrad shocked the nation. In response Joseph Goebbels, the public face of the regime made the most important speech of his career announcing a new time of struggle and total war.
  • Pub Date: Sep 23, 2015
  • The Ku Klux Klan 1915-24
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  • During the First World War the racist terrorist organisation the Ku Klux Klan reformed and by 1924 boasted four million members. However five years later it was once more a political irrelevance.
  • Pub Date: Sep 22, 2015
  • Prince of Wales clarification
  • In the Atlantic Charter podcast I said that the Prince of Wales was sunk in early 1942,whereas it was of course sunk on December 10th 1941! Apologies all, my bad....
  • Pub Date: Sep 18, 2015
  • The Atlantic Charter
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  • In August 1941, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President Franklin Roosevelt met along with their top military and diplomatic advisors at Placentia Bay off the coast of Newfoundland. Their discussions shaped the western allied war aims and laid the foundations of a post war order based on the United Nations
  • Pub Date: Sep 04, 2015
  • The Berlin Wall 1961
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  • In August 1961 East German and Soviet forces created a wall around West Berlin, preventing East Germans from fleeing to the west. The failures of Soviet Communism and the attractions of a prosperous west had led a fifth of the population to migrate. This podcast explores the crisis and how the wall led to a gradual stabilisation in the Cold War in Europe.