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Explaining History
Fifteen minutes of 20th Century History for students and enthusiasts.
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August 2015 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Aug 21, 2015
  • John Lennon in America: 1970-73
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  • In the early 1970s John Lennon embarked on a brief and rather inglorious career as a political activist while based in America. His activism was an indication of the wider radicalisation of the decade and can help us to examine the prevalence of the counter culture in 1970s America.
  • Pub Date: Aug 11, 2015
  • The Origins of Mao's Cultural Revolution
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  • In 1966 after four years of existing at the margins of the Chinese Communist Party following the disasters of the Great Leap Forward, Mao Zedong returned. He claimed that revisionist and right deviationist elements within the party were derailing the revolution and only the millions of Red Guards and the Chinese workers and peasants could put China back on track to socialism. The result was the catastrophic cultural revolution.
  • Pub Date: Aug 04, 2015
  • Erich Fromm
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  • Erich Fromm, one of the most overlooked intellectual figures of the 20th Century wrote insightful critiques of consumerist capitalism and explanations of the appeal of Nazism. His work also explored the dilemmas of being human in an increasingly alienating world.
  • Pub Date: Aug 03, 2015
  • East Germany and the Sino Soviet Split
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  • By the early 1960s the once cordial relations between the USSR and The People's Republic of China had been replaced by suspicion and animosity. Two rival interpretations of communism vied for supremacy across the communist world and East Germany came to back the Soviet Union against the Chinese.