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Explaining History
Fifteen minutes of 20th Century History for students and enthusiasts.
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Current Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Oct 25, 2016
  • Book Review: The Making Of An SS Killer
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  • A review of Dr Alex Kay's excellent biography of SS Colonel Alfred Filbert.

    You can buy the book here: http://www.foyles.co.uk/witem/biography/the-making-of-an-ss-killer-the-life,alex-j-kay-9781316601426
  • Pub Date: Oct 15, 2016
  • Black Radical Politics in Inter War Harlem
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  • Harlem was the epicentre of black cultural and intellectual life in the inter war decades. Competing radical nationalist and communist parties struggled with each other to attract members from with black community. Each attempted to address the problems of discrimination and prejudice that black Americans faced.
  • Pub Date: Oct 05, 2016
  • Spain, Stalin and European Communist Parties in the 1930s
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  • After 1936 the Spanish Civil War became the focal issue for Europe's socialist and communist parties. The rise of Hitler to power had made anti fascist struggle the most important battle for communist movements, especially as Stalin had encouraged political divisions between communist and social democratic parties in the run up to 1933.
  • Pub Date: Sep 28, 2016
  • American Liberal Journalism, Stalin and the Second World War
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  • When American public opinion became deeply anti communist in the second half of World War Two, America's liberal journalistic elite and Stalin apologists were left dangerously exposed. Changes in popular discourse would see them fall victim to post war anti communist purges.
  • Pub Date: Sep 21, 2016
  • Post War British Sexual Politics 1945-1971
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  • Did Britain have a sexual revolution in the 1960s? All indications suggest that momentous change occurred in attitudes to pregnancy, marriage, divorce and homosexuality in that decade. However, in reality Britain had experienced a long century of changing attitudes to sex and private life.
  • Pub Date: Sep 09, 2016
  • Tito and Yugoslavia in 1945
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  • At the end of the Second World War, intense ethnic hatreds had been reawoken in Yugoslavia and Josef Tito's victorious communist partisans took advantage of internecine feuds and attempted to suppress them in order to establish Yugoslavia as a communist state.
  • Pub Date: Aug 31, 2016
  • Stalin, showtrials and terror 1936-38
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  • In the second half of the 1930s, after explosive economic growth during the five year plans the USSR was convulsed by murderous political violence. The phenomenon of Stalinist terror has occupied the writing of historians for decades and in this podcast we examine two perspectives.